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New York Assisted Knife Laws and Legality

New York state’s knife laws are fairly straightforward, but New York City has added some additional laws, and other cities may also have different rules. It is important to check on the laws for the specific location in which you are going to be.

New York does not impose a length limit on legal knives; however, any type of mechanical knife, such as a switchblade, is prohibited. State law does not prohibit assisted-opening knives, defined as those which the user operates by opening with the thumb, causing the knife to continue opening mechanically. In the State of New York, you can own, possess, and carry an assisted-opening knife of any length, as long as you are 16 and not a convicted felon.

New York City has a stricter interpretation of the law regarding knives. In New York City, you are prohibited from having a knife of any type, including assisted-opening knives, longer than four inches. Folding knives and assisted-opening knives below four inches are allowed, provided you are 16 and not a convicted felon. They can be carried to public places as long as they are not visible. For example, carrying an assisted-opening knife in your pocket or purse is allowed.

Any assisted-opening knife can be kept in your home, whether in the state or city; the restrictions in New York City apply to carrying the knife in public. Carrying a knife can mean visibly or concealed, and there is a difference in how the law interprets it. In New York, you are prohibited from carrying a knife visibly on your person, whether in a holster or loose; you are also prohibited from carrying it with the blade locked open. If the weapon is concealed, such as in a jacket pocket, it must be closed and must meet the length standards (if you are in the city).

If a knife is used in the commission of a crime or to cause harm to a person, the knife laws do not apply. At that point, the knife becomes a weapon and is considered as such under the illegal weapons law.

Disclaimer: Laws are constantly changing, only a lawyer can provide you with specific advice to rely on. We are not responsible if the info above becomes inaccurate.

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