Gerber Presto

The Gerber Presto is compact assisted opening knife series that serve well as all-purpose pocketknives. The smallest variants are well suited to children or women with petite hands, but the largest Presto will fit just fine in the hand of a large man.

Gerber Presto

Blade Length: 2.5-3.5 in (6.35-8.89 cm)
Closed Length: 3.25-4.5 in (8.26-11.43 cm)
Open Overall Length: 5.75-8.25 in (14.61 -20.96 cm)

The Gerber Presto series is available in a handful of configurations. Design choices include a satin or aluminum finish, a straight or partially serrated blade edge, and a 3 different size options for blade length. The overall length of the longest blade is 8.25 inches, and all of the knives weigh a little over 2 ounces. The blade is naturally finished, and the difference between the satin and aluminum style is in the black G10 grip accents. The F.A.S.T. assisted-opening mechanism is, as the name suggests, fast, but it also requires very little pressure, which makes it a great choice as a camping pocketknife for responsible children.

Online customer reviews are a mixed bag, and the difference seems to be for whom the reviewer purchased the knife. Among dads who purchased the knife for their children, husbands who purchased the knife for their wife, and women who purchase the knife for themselves, reviews are very positive. The negative reviews come from hunters and laborers who use the knife on a consistent basis. Apparently, Gerber designed the knife in such a way that allows it to fill with grit and dirt, but makes it inconvenient to clean.

The inconvenience of cleaning is a common thread among most negative reviews, so we’d pay particular attention to that complaint. The Gerber Presto still seems like a great choice for the casual user, especially children, at the right price. However, if you plan to use this often, then we’d heed the warning signs, and direct your attention elsewhere.

Gerber Presto Demo